Moneymoon's End ,
by Jay Giles
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Moneymoon's End

For Martin Dunn, The Moneymoon’s Over.
His Deal’s Gone Iffy And Everyone Wants Him Dead.

From the author of Blindsided and Time on the Wire. Martin Dunn, successful CEO of branding consultancy Sanderson & Dunn, receives an unexpected but very attractive offer to sell his company. He and partner Paul Sanderson will split $100-million. Tired of the stress of running the global company, Dunn takes the offer.

His new life certainly starts positively. He discovers a long-vacant stone house on Blacksnake Lake. Dunn visualizes what the house could be and knows he has to have it. But renovating his dream house turns out to be anything but a dream.

Before Dunn and new wife, Cara, move in, they have to deal with a curse on the property, an eccentric English architect, crazy construction schedule, and a PBS documentary film crew. Knee deep in this renovation mayhem, Dunn learns the offer to buy his company may have been a giant con.

Worse, someone keeps trying to kill him. Is it the gun-toting neighbor? Renegade political activist? Former partner? Big-spending brother? Or his new wife?

And he thought retirement was going to be so relaxing.